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Queue The Kindness Clutch

Queue The Kindness Clutch

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If you know me personally, you know I love to gift confetti to random strangers for no reason whatsoever. Ultimately, it brings me so much joy and makes others smile. It's a way of connecting, starting happy conversations and simply being a good Shepard. The  Queue The Kindness Cluth is my way of inspiring you to do the same. Keep this happy little clutch with you at all times and let's start a Queue The Kindness Revolution! 

**The QTKC comes with:**

20 small bags of Clean Up Confetti

5 small Vials of Happy Accidents Confetti

Life is much more beautiful when you have confetti in your pockets. 

*An option to purchase confetti refills is listed as "Queue The Kindness Clutch Refills" 

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