What’s better than just a spoonful of sugar?

Confetti! Each month you will receive one exclusive Confetti Sugar Club Mix. These mixes are only shared with this festive club and not available in the shop for purchase! They are unique mixes and sometimes your shipment will include fun and exciting confetti surprises!

In addition to exclusive confetti mixes, you also get 15% off of any regular confetti order, ANY time! Once signed up, you will receive a code special to you that you can use for any additional confetti orders. Talk about a sweet deal!

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Spoonful of Sugar

NEW!! We now offer the The Confetti Sugar Club Samples. This is also a monthly subscription but these confetti samples will be of these exclusive monthly mixes but packaged in a smaller amount. A true “spoonful” of sugar! The perfect amount of confetti for flatlays, table scatter and so much more! With your Confetti Sugar Club Sample membership, you will receive 5% off any regular confetti order.

Spoonful of sugar