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Freshly Baked Confetti Mix

Freshly Baked Confetti Mix

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What’s your favorite memory as a child? Mine will always be baking cookies with my mama. Measuring the ingredients, tasting the dough and smelling the cookies! Also, are you team cookie or cookie dough? I’m cookie dough.

Anywho! This mix as sweet as those memories. Confetti colors are white, butter off-white, milk cartoon blue and cookie dough beige… topped off with chocolate chip cookie confetti! Brown sequins that literally look like chocolate chips and other sparkly colors to match this playful mix! Go ahead, make some messy memories!

*Please do not leave your children unattended with confetti. Confetti and the small parts in each mix can cause a choking hazard. Bash Boutique and or Ready Fetti is not responsible for any harm

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