My Why

My Why

My heart hurt, my stress level was through the roof, I was glued to my computer and to say my role as mommy and wife was lacking is an understatement. At least in my mind (mommy guilt is something that we can never deny. Am I right?). This is why I left my corporate leadership job in June of 2022. I had been in corporate America since graduating college in 2006 and I was TIRED. After years of serving as a military wife, full time mommy and full time professional I needed a break. Resigning from my job had a huge financial impact on our family but as I say constantly, the investment I made at home was worth every penny lost.

Fast forward through a glorious Summer at home with my husband and two girls, I quickly realized that I struggle being a stay at home mom. While I admire every stay at home mommy I know, I personally need another outlet. It was after many conversations with my husband, my friends and my parents, that I decided to turn a hobby into a business.

Celebrating is my love language, it always has been. If someone calls me on a random Tuesday and says “It’s my birthday!” I’ll drop everything I’m doing to figure out how we can get together and celebrate. I’m that girl who used to throw my dogs birthday parties. Then our daughters came and who has time for that? (Sorry Maddy and Elizabeth.) Anywho, I love a good theme for any random occasion and if I can find a reason to wear a costume, I’m all in! Hence, how Bash Boutique was born!

It’s funny, running a business is something I know nothing about. I’m 4 months in and I have to admit, I’m kind of proud of myself. I’ve sold a handful of party boxes, I’ve styled a few local parties and I’ve even taught myself how to make confetti. However, I’m also overwhelmed … A LOT. I jumped into this quickly without thinking it through. I’ve stumbled quite a few times but I’m learning as I go. The way I packaged my first party box was hideous (I’m so grateful that lovely customer didn’t write a review on packaging. Ha!) The world of Instagram is a challenge but also a blessing. Instagram marketing and the Instagram world has humbled me. There are SOOOO many talented party people out there. I had no idea! I didn’t realize that this world existed but it does and it’s magnificent. I have struggled trying to figure out how to make reels, how to build a website, how to not take mean people on the internet seriously but most of all I’ve struggled with constant thoughts that I’m not talented enough to be playing in this game. But guess what? The smiles I’ve brought to other people’s faces with my business tells me otherwise. While I’m not raking in the dough (Ha!), I am getting paid in happiness and that’s all that matters to me.

Since leaving corporate America, I have been asked a few times to come back. It happened again a few weeks ago and I was really considering it. After pondering it for days I finally just asked our daughter Dylan (she’s 7).

Me: “Dyl, should mama go back to work at ______?”

Dylan: “Why would you do that?

Me: “Well, they’re asking if I’d consider it so I wanted to ask you if you think I should.”

Dylan: “No mama. Then you would never take me to school, pick me up or come to chapel with me. Besides, when you work at Bash Boutique we get to make confetti together!”

And that was it. Consideration done. I will continue being full time Bash Boutique CCO (Chief Confetti Officer) but most importantly, I will continue to stay focused on the time with my family. I will stay focused on embracing these fleeting moments with my husband and our two beautiful creations. I am so grateful for this opportunity and this incredible chance to balance being the mommy and wife I want to be and also use my God given talent. As I sit here in my office and look at a wall full of shredded pieces of colorful paper I think, “man, this is the best ‘paperwork’ I’ve ever had to do.” (throws confetti everywhere.)

I’m excited for what’s to come and excited to see how this business evolves. I have so many ideas that run through my head constantly. I hope I have enough time to implement just a few of them. Either way, I’m happy to be here and I’m happy you’re here.

Cheers to happiness, staying humble, being kind and celebrating anything and everything!



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