Clean Up Confetti

Clean Up Confetti

I’m definitely a victim of “perfectionism.” Not in all aspects of my life (ask my closet, my purse and my laundry room) but I always strive to have things as neat as possible. Especially when friends and family come over to our house or when my husband and I go out on a date night. But you know what humbles me in that aspect of my life? CONFETTI.

Being that I work from my guest room turned office, my house is now covered in glitter and little teeny tiny pieces of confetti. No matter how many times I vacuum, those mischievous pieces of colorful confetti manage to reappear. I try very hard to maintain the mess inside the four walls of my office but that’s an impossible battle to fight with two little girls who also love to dabble in confetti making.

After a beautiful day of packing party boxes and making confetti, my craft table takes the biggest hit from the glitter and confetti tornado. But at the end of the day, I look at that area and realize how beautiful the mess really is. It makes me feel grateful that my days now consist of pretty things and making people smile. It dawned on me a couple of weeks ago as I was cleaning up, I shouldn’t be throwing away the hodge podge of confetti that’s graces my craft table! I should be keeping it and remember that every mix I make is a labor of love and makes someone else smile. So I’ve started collecting it in all it’s glory and sharing it with you.

What does that mean? Well, every order that come through the doors of my office receives a little bag of Clean Up Confetti! In addition, I’ve started keeping bags of it in my purse for random people that touch our lives daily. Our 7 year old daughter is the best at reminding me to hand it out. She will see an elderly person, a Veteran or a small child that looks “bored” and say “mama, we need to give them some Clean Up Confetti!” Her little sweet soul takes a little bag from my purse and we walk over and hand it to them. Have I mentioned that she makes me want to be a better person?

It’s weird how confetti brings instant joy to all that see it. Like, can you really be mad when you have a bag of confetti in your hand?

If you receive a bag of Clean Up Confetti you also receive a little note from me describing what it means to me. The note will read:

“What's Clean Up Confetti?? A beautiful mess!

At the end of a colorful, confetti making day I clean up all the various confetti mixes that glitter my craft table. Instead of throwing it all away, I've started collecting it one big jar to share with you! While it doesn't match or make any sense, it's still beautiful! A lesson for all of us. Nothing in life is required to be perfect. It's finding the pretty in everything that's important. So invite friends over when you think your house is too messy, go out in public when you think your outfit doesn't match, smile when life doesn't seem to be perfect and use this gift to celebrate it all!”

I hope one day I will see you in person so I can give you a bag or you will receive a package from me that has a little bag of joy in it. Until then, let this be a reminder that life is too beautiful not to smile. It may be messy but when you take a step back and look harder, it’s a beautiful mess. And that my friend, is a reason to celebrate.



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