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Let's Go Party Confetti Mix

Let's Go Party Confetti Mix

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Come on, Let’s Go Party! This LIMITED EDITION confetti mix is literally all shades of pink with pops of fluorescent colors. The 90’s called, they want their confetti back!! Approximately 1/3 cup of confetti mix contained in a 4 oz reusable jar. What makes this mix so magical?? Each color was handpicked with the Barbie movie set as inspiration and there are 3 pairs of little Barbie shoes, a hand bag, and a hanger! If this mix doesn’t scream party, I don’t know what does! Perfect for:

  • Barbie themed parties

  • 90’s party

  • Flat lay photography

  • Crafts and more!

*Please do not leave your children unattended with confetti. Confetti and the small parts in each mix can cause a choking hazard. Bash Boutique and or Ready Fetti is not responsible for any harm.

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